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Somewhere I Belong [apk] [v0.0.5.3]

Somewhere I Belong [apk] [v0.0.5.3 ]+[Gallery/Walkthrough Mod][Mr Baker]||[VN][Ren’Py]


A Zombie outbreak struck during your vacation in South America. After months of staying hidden and surviving, you were evacuated to a safe zone, one of the last remaining cities in South America.

This is the story of how you become one of the most feared and respected mercenaries of the new world.
The game is full harem! Almost all romances will be avoidable.
It will never be NTR/Sharing.

Outbreak information:
Several types of creatures roam outside the city, making it extremely dangerous, creatures inspired in L4D.
The city has its economy going. Bars, Gambling, prostitution, food, betting, water, housing, between much more. Money still holds value, but of course, a bag of antibiotics can be way more expensive than a bag of cash from the old world.
Life has always been hard in south America. Now, people have adapted to the new normality.


Somewhere I Belong Mod(374MB)



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• Swipe up to save menu

• Swipe down to hide windows

• Swipe left to rollback

• Swipe right to skip



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