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Prince of Suburbia [apk] [Part 2 v1.0 Beta[Completed]

Prince of Suburbia [apk] [Part 2 v1.0 Beta]+[unlocked Gallery][TheOmega]||[VN] [Ren’Py] [Completed]


Prince of Suburbia is a kinetic (linear) adult visual novel that will never leave you with blue balls. Simple sandbox navigation leads through a silly story full of hot women just waiting to seduce you, and be seduced by you.
(*Relationships are fully customizable.)

Medical research gone awry
Your stepmom* Catherine is a medical researcher who is drowning in bills. She needs to prove her new fertility medication is safe for human consumption, and fast. How will the side effects of this experimental drug affect her, and those around her?

Naughty neighbors
Your M.I.L.F. neighbor, Naomi, and her daughter, Heather, have devious plans for you and the women you live with. Will you fall victim to their seductions, or turn the tables on them?

A crowded home
Your stepsister* Sarah is struggling with her own issues and seems to push away everyone who cares about her. Will she ever open up to you and accept your… help?

To add to the chaos, stepaunt* Sonia and stepcousin* Fiona also need a place to stay. Will they be polite houseguests welcomed with open arms, or will they make themselves a little too comfortable?


Prince of Suburbia Mod (545MB)



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• Swipe up to save menu

• Swipe down to hide windows

• Swipe left to rollback

• Swipe right to skip




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