Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tag: Puzzle

Lust Academy [apk] [Season 1-3 v1.12.1d+3.6.1d]

Lust Academy +||  Overview: You play as a normal 18 y.o. guy who’s life is about to change forever! You’ll find out about the whole...

Paradise Lust apk [v1.1.2a][Completed]

Paradise Lust apk || Overview: Paradise Lust is a visual novel and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames.The game follows the story of the...

Being a DIK [apk+data] [v0.10.0]

Being a DIK +Dr PinkCake]||  Overview: A young man from a low-income family moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend...

Summer Heat [apk] [v0.5]

Summer Heat ||   Overview: Experience the ups and downs of summer class!Meet girls, earn their trust (or break their hearts) and practice your photography skill...

Live with MILF [apk] [v0.5b]

Live with MILF + || Overview: You will plunge into the world and fantasies of a teenager who spent all his free time studying, instead...

The Blackout [apk] [v0.5.0]

The Blackout +|| Overview: In "The Blackout", you play as a young student in the grip of strange events. After suddenly passing out in the...

Zombie’s Retreat 2: Gridlocked [apk] [v0.7.2 public]

Zombie's Retreat 2: Gridlocked || Overview: Welcome to Crimson City! A city known for it's diverse districts, cutting edge technology, and promising citizens. However,...

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