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Summer Haze 1 [apk] [v1.10 Chp.1]

Summer Haze 1 [apk] [v1.10 Chp.1] [JDseal -DSS-]||[VN][Ren’Py]


Hello! I made chapter one of Summer Haze into a VN,
this is by no means a ”game” but just a port of one of my comics into ren’py.
I did just a few animations for it, and I hope you’ll like it. I could also do this for future chapters if you guys enjoy it.

The Price were a seemingly happy family, a mother and a father with their son living the good life in the suburbs, every so often hosting barbecue parties and inviting over the otherneighbors. Perhaps they always seemed happy because the young man, who was attendinga prestigious college, was rarely at home, primarily on holidays, but even then, his parentswere even more so excited by his presence in the house. The only thing that could’ve posed a problem would’ve been Jack’s mother, Natalie, who, lately, watched her boy growing up into a fine, handsome man, harvested certain feelings that she took shame in. Her infatuation for her son soon became obsessive and hard tocontrol now that summer has arrived and Jack came back home for a prolonged break


Summer Haze 1( 40MB)



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• Swipe up to save menu

• Swipe down to hide windows

• Swipe left to rollback

• Swipe right to skip



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